WEEK 2- BCM112

Coming into this week of BCM112  I had prepared no array of ideas that I could propose for my digital artefact (your own digital media project which is publicly available). Feeling overwhelmed and confused of the broadness of this task the lecture on Monday morning really provided valuable information. Ted brought with him five guest speakers, all past students of BCM112 at UOW. These students all shared there own perspective of the task and what they created themselves. The vast array of advice they supplied allowed me to connect to the fact that the artefact had to be designed around something which interests you to really advocate a great digital media project. With this in mind I privately brainstormed my favourite pastimes and enjoyments and came up with a few ideas for my digital artefact… 


Idea 1 Food Blog

  • img_8301.pngFor around a year now I have taken the admin role of a food Instagram page ‘foodsfordayss’. This page has just recently sky rocketed with followers as I have progressively posted more foodie photos and engaged as being a more active owner of the account. I predominately post food photos from cafe’s located around the Sutherland Shire. This is the point of difference I have towards other foodie Instagram pages (@eatingupwiththehannashians, @sydneybrunchcrawler, @sydneyfoodwhore) as they are all based in the inner city or west of Sydney. The success of my page will allow for more Sutherland Shire residents to be aware of the recent influx of mod cafes that have been designed in the Shire.  Recently turning 18, I have received a DSLR Nikon camera which has strengthened my love for photography pushing my want to venture and take more photos particularly of food which will initiate more posts on the Instagram account.

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