BCM 110- Week 2

What are the current issues involving people and their use of the media?

Currently our population is being drafted by the exposure news has had through the media. Our society tends to only believe what is being portrayed through the media. This leads to a negative relationship shared between media and individuals as audiences are reflected as being gullible, easily influenced, feminised, childlike, and passive. The beliefs society make on the media is quite scary as predominately the news shared and exposed in the media is crafted in a strategic way in which collects the largest correspondent of views to engage the largest audience. Individuals using social media platforms easily manipulate their personal attributes on their online presence by easily posting untruthful photos on instagram, tweets on twitter, or posts on facebook. Β Individuals can easily portray their life as being utopian through their online profile whilst in reality they live a very dysfunctional uneasy livelihood. With this is mind this great issue is progressing and becoming a bigger problem within our societies expanding media platforms.

How does (if it does) media audience research help us make sense of this?

Research into media audiences can highly assist in understanding issues within the media as different age brackets, cultures, and genders all refrain from different issues within the media. For example if a model posts a photo of herself on instagram a teenage girl or young lady is most likely to judge and engage in this post opposed to a mother or younger child. Therefore audience research allows for acknowledgement of diverse perspectives of the media and an array of views that individuals all have on the same post. Audiences make different meanings of the media, being critical and discriminative. Children, youth, and the uneducated are considered most likely to be at risk of being influenced by what they see through the media as they are considered innocent and pure.


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