lemonblueberrybirchermuesli3Legit, over the past week it has been a daily meal of mine. When mixed with a bit of apple juice and soy/almond milk it tastes like a cookie in a jar. The key to making bircher muesli is soaking it overnight, this is health beneficial by improving the digestion and absorption of the oats used in the bircher. Therefore soaking this meal overnight makes for a perfect breakfast on the go the next morning or in my case a perfect uni snack!! In addition to the bircher muesli you can put whatever toppings you want on it. Personally I really like mango, raspberries, almonds, pistachios, and lots of honey. This is my favourite bircher muesli recipe with an additional splash of apple juice within the mixture… Pls try you can thank me later!!


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  1. Seba says:

    Wow I tried Bircher Muesli and I was blown away. I made it with both almond milk and apple juice and I just wanted more it was such a good great recipe, would reccomend, definitely a great meal !!!


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