Explored through the newly broadcasted ‘Dog TV’ media companies are now producing content specifically dictated towards animals. You might question the intention behind this, however it’s shaping the extreme measures media is taking to maximise use of technology in modern day society. These ‘Dog’ specific television programs have been specifically created for lonely dogs willing to catch up on the latest news broadcasted through shows that adjust to their eye sight and hearing. These shows are intended to draw your dogs attention to the television whilst being alone at home. The concept behind this idea is pretty much a metaphor and pun towards the modern day media. Media these days is taking over individuals life’s as their online profiles are their idealistic utopian view of themselves.

With television now catering for your pets, this analyses the development and push for media advances in society and is shaping a world that is strictly dictated by what is presented on these different media platforms.

The expanding media audiences are calling for a vast assortment of gullible viewers all willing to believe the nonsense that producers create. This content is allowing for society to transform into a cult of individuals all striving to achieve what is seen on media. Most media audiences are referred to as ‘easily influenced’. This is due to individuals unknowingly participating in dystopian actions through the mind control television shows and media platforms supply with untruthful statements.

Research into media audiences are being conducted by ‘OzTam’ in Australia. This company analyses the demographic breakdown of viewers of television in Australia producing valuable information for companies to use. Through OzTam television networks can conduct research behind the success of diverse shows aired on their channel with information conducted around ‘how many people are watching’, and ‘who is watching each channel in what city’. Oztam’s data highlights the intended audience for television shows and the predominant audience age and gender range.

These actions prescribe that media does greatly effect our societies growth however this is neither in a positive or negative way, it is genuinely reflective of how the audience portrays and views what is being broadcasted in front of them. In the end it is always easier to blame the media for societies failures as it can always comprehend some sort of untruthful statement to attack back with.

Media is only acted upon by the way we as an audience perceive it…


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