Week 2 really showed growth with my @foodsfordayss Instagram account. I have accumulated around 100 more followers after announcing on my personal Instagram that I run this account. Therefore this required me to show an active interest within food Instagram accounts. Towards the beginning of this week I also got reached out by a popular diner in Sydney. Known as @Missamericasdiner, the business privately messaged me showing interest in my @foodsfordayss account. I have actually previously been to this diner and posted images about it, I thoroughly enjoyed the feed there so I instantly could not refrain from the offer.  This diner/restaurant showed interest with my account and asked me if I would like to come into their restaurant and have a complimentary meal. This was only if I took some great photos of the meal and promoted it on my page. I feel this has really shown growth in my account as I have now been noticed by private businesses who show interest in my platform. I am planning on going to the diner for the complimentary meal in the next few weeks. YAYYYYYY


Pictured in this meme is a Miss America’s Diner Burger. The diner is known for their classic American style burger’s, hot-dog’s, fries, milkshakes, sundaes, soft drinks, and desserts. This meme is relevant to my studies as this week I got invited by this business for a complimentary feed. I couldn’t help but use one of their own creations in my meme. This makes me even more keen to venture and try out their unique menu!!!


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