Known as the ‘Cash me outside girl’ on the internet  Danielle Bregoli claimed to have been Instagram hacked after a video post appeared on her Instagram 4 days ago. After rising to fame after her encounter with Dr Phil for her bad behaviour, the Instagram and Youtube internet star has gained over 7.5 million followers. Her followers have all been conflicted with this situation unknowing if she has performed a stunt or has really been hacked. Articles have written she was hacked by a group named ‘Face Security Group’ hmmmmm what type of secret organisation name is that.

However many believe this was just an internet stunt in an attempt to gain fame. How could this be…

1lakpk.jpgDanielle Bregoli originally viewed as a meme herself by her saying “cash me outside, how bout dah” on the popular interview show Dr Phil has relied on her main media platform ‘Instagram’ to break the rules and attempt to shock her audience through her apparent ‘hack’. Convergence has shown a linear perception in this situation through the uncertainty of if this hack was a hoax or not. Through this happening Bregoli has undergone large personal consequences on her media platforms by her follower numbers increasing. This questionable hacking has been broadcasted on news shows as well as being utilised in many web articles viewed world wide influencing her social appeal. The message presented through the hacking video is all a meme in itself contradicting the real fame of Danielle Bregoli.




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  1. Salty Sally says:

    I feel like Danielle Bregoli’s unofficial motto could be “any publicity is good publicity”. And either she’s dumb and lucky or wayyy smarter then she lets on because its working a treat. I love how you have explored this very… unique celebrity and how in a weirdly specific way, the medium (an instagram hack) is more important then the message (whatever the hack was). I was even interested to read those articles you mentioned about the ‘Face Security Group” and hyperlinks would help me find them. But I’m literally crying over how good your blog is because this is what I have to compete with.

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  2. cecen says:

    Hiya April! I love the clean look and user friendly-ness of your blog. So beautiful! Ahh the infamous cash-me outside chick! I really enjoyed your journalistic style of writing, it makes it easy to follow and is enjoyable to read. I think that you could link Danielle Bregoli’s situation to how her use of the medium (in this case, the. Dr. Phil show) changed the perceived message. Sometimes I felt as if you were reporting Danielle Bregoli and the hacking rather than linking it’s relevance to the topic. Here is an article that discusses how Danielle is no role model and is really giving out the wrong message despite her internet fame: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3045340/cash-me-ousside-girl-danielle-bregoli-says-she-was-tricked-into-starring-in-music-video-with-rapper-stitches-as-bizarre-claims-emerge-her-instagram-was-hacked-by-the/

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