Every young girl in today’s society can admit to wishing to have a YouTube channel and create beauty/fashion based content. Am I right..

As the social mediaScreen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.33.12 pm platform ‘YouTube’ has increased in popularity over the past few years this has meant for a large variety of worldwide beauty, fashion, and lifestyle vloggers to rise to fame. These YouTube stars are gaining millions of views for their own opinion on products they use or in general how they use these products e.g. makeup tutorials. However with the great amount of views these videos receive, makes for a vast assortment of both hate and supportive comments.

These opinions made through the comments by subscribers can be referred to as the signified view of what the YouTube star has created. This is due to the opinions evoking a prejudice perspective of the ‘sign’ being created.  Ideology is formed through these sorts of YouTube stars as companies these days are contacting them in the hope they will agree to promote their products through a video. This form of marketing creates a set of beliefs/review formulated by the YouTuber and these beliefs are then responded to by the viewers. When receiving a product to promote in videos YouTuber’s are often supplied a discount code in addition to the complimentary products. This drawScreen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.34.28 pms more attention from the viewers and allows the audiences an even better reason to purchase the products.

Through YouTube a variety of perspectives can be represented. Particularly through companies allowing for stars to review their products who use the fame to promote their goods. But do these YouTube stars really like these products…

No one from the audience can ever really answer this question as we will never know the true view of what the YouTuber has of the product. Therefore through the act of YouTuber promotion the audience is drawn to purchase these products as they are being signed through the video of all the benefits it carries. However, through communication of the audience in the comments they can discuss the products in more than a positive way and may introduce the negative component’s that the product supplies.

We never really know the truth.


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