Are there semiotics denotative through this visual connotation…


I believe so.

This image clearly portrays an individuals hand. This intentional visual can be clearly visualised by all ages but who sees the bigger picture?

The denotation of this advertisement is aesthetically appealing. This striking pointed imagery is promoting the World Wildlife Fund as seen through the logo in the top left hand corner. The socio-cultural personal connotations associated with this image can differ as younger generations, in particular children aged 0-12 might not interpret the fictional pun the visual holds.

The advertisement is promoting sponsorship of wildlife. This is provoked through the small sized writing in the top left corner of the advertisement sitting next to the company’s logo. This says ‘Give a hand to wildlife’, the pun between this saying and the hand pictured may only be recognised by the educated and those who look deeper into the imagery the visual portrays. Depending on the interpreters class, age, gender, and ethnicity this advertisement may have an influential prescribed meaning.

The marketing of this work has been strategically planned using colour and positioning techniques. The earthy natural tone of the background highlights the company’s work in a subtle manner through the earthy beige colour symbolising the environmental wildlife work the WWF do. Whilst this colour also allows the zebra beautifully painted on the hand placed in the centre of the frame to pop. This emphasises the animals features, including the detail in the zebras ear that is realistically situated on the thumb of the hand. This work can denote many perspectives as animals in general form many memories and are symbolic in different ways to different people. Some might say this work resembles puppetry or sign language as this is practiced using similar hand gestures. There is great connotation behind this advertisement due to the fact that many interpreters will say it is just a zebras face painted on a hand for the World Wildlife fund however it does produce a powerful ideology of animal welfare through the quote’s relationship with the principal visual.

WWF has produced an advertisement that creates a cluster of symbolic attributes through the connotational framework intended in the pun through the work.

Look into the image again and see if you can recognise any further underlining meaning…

If so, is it associated with a cultural ethic.

These cultural interpretations all link to the polysemic digital codes individuals relate to what they see.

Reference List:

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