6a00d8341c66f153ef0120a582f115970b-800wiThe American Multinational Company has recently been taken over by parent company ‘Alphabet Inc’ who have introduced a chain of products streamed from the main Google search engine. These products are all regularly used by public and much of society would be unaware that Google has ownership of the
se web pages, including: Chrome OS, and YouTube. Google’s past mission statement ‘Don’t be evil’ has recently been changed by the company’s ownership modification to ‘Do the right thing’. However is this contradictory of what Google is doing to the privacy of society?

When you think about it, anything you search on Google is locked into the nation wide web. Therefore Google has access to IP information and anything you use in Google tools, including Google maps, and translate. Has Google gone to far? Recent research conducted by Google claims that they are planning on introducing cameras in public places e.g. Shopping centres, and restaurants, for users to have the ability to receive a visual representation of the location before traveling there. For some this might seem a form of personal invasion. I can see where this is coming from, however Google claims “if you don’t want it to be seen by everyone, why do it in public in the first place”.best-buddy-google

As invasive as Google appears there is reasons for trust in the Multinational Company. Google provides consumers with an accessible well known webpage which is aesthetically appealing and quite accessible. Google allows users with the ability to use many tools for free including Google maps, and Google Drive. Unlike Microsoft where you have to pay to install programs, Google allows users with access to Google drive, docs, sheets, and slides which all replicate the Microsoft software however are free to use. These free to use tools are reliable and constantly available for use. The reliability Google promotes is the predominant reason for so many users to have trust in Google when providing personal details and history in the search engine.

How much personal information have you supplied to Google?

How well do you trust it?


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