Many question ‘what is news?’ and if the news we are presented with is candid.

However from television shows like ‘Media Watch’ audiences are exposed to the untold stories television industries fail to expose. Therefore society is presented accurate information behind news stories through competing programs like ‘Media Watch’. Audiences then learn that the general Media redefines the truth behind news stories through extreme exaggeration both in headlines and stories. Shows likewise ‘Media Watch’ critique what’s presented in the media reporting all the unethical details unsaid in the news (Current Affairs).

Feminist Beyoncé, redefines social prejudice against women through her inspiring album ‘Lemonade’ which embraces her racial identity. The star having a net worth of $265 million, uses the empowering album ‘Lemonade’ to express herself as a strong women willing to stand up for women rights. This acts against the social teaching venting that women are not supposed to express their rage. The suppression women have in society to hold back their thoughts on feminising is unjust and Beyoncé unveils this in many songs in ‘Lemonade’.tumblr_nauhybQImh1s4gliyo1_1280

More like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately, I’d rather be crazy”. Hold Up by Beyoncé

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Album. Your Welcome 🙂

Beyoncé’s perspective is rarely perceived through women of her power in the media and therefore Beyoncé has utilised her fame and ability to manipulate the media in a positively influential way.

This act Beyoncé has made has broken away from the general rules of the media industry. She has gone against the social and culture rights by using her rage as a marketing tool.

Beyoncé has ventured from the mainstream music industry in a seismic way through her album fighting against the misogyny betrayal of women rights.

Through Beyoncé’s personal use of social media platforms and personal experiences stated in her album ‘Lemonade’, audiences gain trust in her through the personal qualities she reflects on. However news not displayed by Beyoncé herself and instead portrayed by media companies such as BBC Radio 1, can reflect on her album as incongruous, and slaughter the intention behind this creation. This is done as recent investigation have shown connections to Beyoncé with the illuminati??? When connecting all of these details media platforms hack the intention Beyoncé is achieving. Companies have said she has been forced or unintentionally creating music preached by the illuminati.

Is this just for the eye???





Kirsty Fairclough Senior Lecturer in Media and Performance, University of Salford, 2017. Why Beyoncé matters. The Conversation. Available at: [Accessed March 22, 2017].


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  1. madityndall says:

    I definitely agree with what you are saying here in this post. Beyoncé is an artist who does get her message across through her power in the media and I love the messages she tries to convey and get across to her audience. She is a powerful leader and addresses the important issues despite the backlash she may get in the media. I find it sad that people try to drag her as a person and her message in a false light, we should be seeing and writing factual pieces about the good things she is posting and conveying instead of talking about all the negative, irrelevant information about her.

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  2. tianacornish says:

    Super interesting blog!
    The way you’ve structured your writing presents your ideas really clear to me. Something I actually hadn’t heard of is the reference you mentioned of Beyonce and the illuminati. I found it really interesting to read this part of your blog and the images you provided I found really engaging and kept me wanting to read more. It is sad to see how desperate companies such as BBC Radio 1 can get having to go to that level of linking Beyonce and the illuminati. The youtube video you provided of Beyonce’s song “All Night” also helps support your ideas and justifies the impact Beyonce has amoung her audience.
    Loved it 🙂

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  3. taterobinson says:

    Another well-written and informative blog. I really think it is great that celebrities can become more than just a stage personality and use their influence and respect that they have earned to bring issues to a wide audiences attention especially when these issues include things like feminism and the stigma surround that being a feminist is a ‘bad’ thing and is frowned upon by many. Although it makes me a little sad that it takes a celebrity with a net worth of US $265 million and influence that matches to release an album addressing the issue to get some people to take it seriously it is a good stepping-stone forward.

    Also I really need to know, did the accusations about things like connections with the Illuminati actually happen? Because the thought of it is so ridiculous I don’t know whether to laugh or be sick, I actually had to re-read it, 4 times, to make sure I wasn’t doing a 12:00am reading where something would probably make about as much sense to me in Spanish as it does in English.

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    • aprilverjo says:

      Thankyou Tate!! and yeah the accusations really did happen there is plenty of research online of theories suggesting Beyonce being controlled by the illuminati. Whether we believe it is a different story!!

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