In this advertisement recognition of air pollution is captured through a visual pun. The advertisement incorporates the body of a hand gun which ‘ironically’ perfectly lines up to the chimney escaping smoke (air pollution) from the roof of the building. The quote beneath the frame of the gun states ‘Air Pollution kills 60,000 people a year’, this statement is symbolic of the physical abuse a gun can have on an individual, which is reflected upon through the advertisement. Therefore the result of the gun having the ability to destroy lives is highlighting air pollutions similar ability to kill individuals associated in particular public spheres.

Air pollution poisons the air which results in a defect of life sustenance due to emissions of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, acid rain and smog. Air Pollution primarily contributes to destruction of both human beings, and natural ecosystems. Although society is continually being rapidly effected by air pollution businesses continue to emit pollutants both knowingly and naively. This persistence of using sources like carbon monoxide is creating debate in the ‘Public Sphere’ through the idea of restricting emissions to prevent ‘Global Warming’.

This constant debate is led by mankind’s continuous use of fossil fuels. Global Warming is considered a widespread political debate predominately acknowledged in developed countries e.g. The United States. Media devotes a minority of coverage to Global Warming acknowledging the causes and future destruction it can promote. However there are scientists located worldwide who believe that recognising possible outcomes derived from Global Warming may lead to a dramatic drop in our standard of living due to costs, and the recognition of other explanations for Global Warming’s occurrence e.g. The relationship between the Sun’s output and the Earth’s temperature change.

This Youtube clip clearly depicts interchanging outlooks on Global Warming.

As much as the United States recognises Global Warming, European Countries also took action through political parties use of ‘soft power’ (The ability to persuade and shape the preferences of others through appeal) reimbursing the effect of substantial use of gasses. This reimbursement in the Public Sphere of Europe can be seen as an example of what the advertisement above is reflecting upon, as it is emphasising the long term effects of air pollution through the banter created with the outcome of a gun shot.

Political parties located universally have the largest impact on actions for and against recognition of Air Pollution as they can legislate with the highest power (soft power) on actions to stray away from corruption of these social issues.



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  1. jordieweb says:

    Hey April!
    Really interesting take on this weeks blog and topic discussed. ‘The Public Sphere’ was a really prevalent and different idea, and through your blog you can really see how it links to so many different and important things in todays society, like air pollution. I enjoyed the way you discussed your ideas and opinions on this issue which made it very clear to read an understandable. Perhaps you would consider adding information about what ‘The Public Sphere’ really is and your take on it, and also how air pollution and the sources you have added link to this idea. Just some ideas, but really enjoyable and well written blog 🙂

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  2. jkuzet says:

    I was really intrigued by the in which you managed to factually represent your understanding of the public sphere, while providing a really educational blog post. I also thought the debate video strengthened your points, while also maintaining a balance between opinions, I was trying really hard to be accepting of both opinions but unfortunately I ended up sticking with my gut, we can run as far from the conversation of global warming as we like but unfortunately we cant hide This is one of very few blog posts that I have read on this topic which actually express their understanding through a valid example which is linked all the way through the post, overall a really informative read 🙂

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  3. synnemo says:

    Hey April!
    I feel like the theme you chose for this weeks blogpost is really good, and really imporant. Air pollution is something most of us dont really think about from day to day – but it something we should all be aware of! Your post was very informative, and it seems like you have alot of knowledge in this area. However, there is alot of country that just cannot afford to produce energy etc in more enviromental-friendly ways, it would be interesting to see if you had any point of views on how this could change. Keep up the good work though, I really enjoy reading blogs like yours, where I learn something new!
    Best, Synne

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