Have you ever felt so passionate about a topic that if not anonymous you feel offended sharing your thoughts… Well look no further than the online platform of ‘4chan’.
cancer4chan comprises of internet activists all recognised as ‘anonymous’ who have the ability to share their thoughts through images and posts about any topics. The platform runs by allowing users the opportunity to utilise boards and forums to anonymously communicate. With no filter or age restriction on posts, the content on 4chan is greatly diverse especially due to the 218,000 visitors it has each day.

The ever so famous ‘meme’s’ originated through 4chan. You may remember the og cat memes which consisted of random action cat pics collaged with a comic banter text.

94fThe ideology behind this platform frees individuals from the burden of judgment and pre determined ego through the anonymous retention it has. This enables a blockage to creativity and a discontentment of incentives as there is no filter for constructive criticism. The raw content found on 4chan gives individuals the feeling of belonging as they are able to express there thoughts in a non conformed manner.

The introduction of 4chan affiliates with the internet today as it is recognised as the incubator to memes and attitudes we now consider ‘mainstream’ when online.

So is 4chan for the better or the worse…

There are two arguments to this statement.

4chan can be recognised for its positive influences:

  • LOLCats (original meme)
  • Ragecomics (memes)

Or the bad:

  • Celebgate (leaked nude pics of celebs)
  • #cutforbieber (unconventional encouragement to young Bieber fans to cut themselves)

Here’s a little audio I made combining meme’s, glitches, and 4chan…

All in all 4chan is definitely not the ‘friendliest place on earth’, however is much more considered a judgemental and raw media platform. This being both fresh and what society needs, as well as dangerous and chancy.


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4 thoughts on “

  1. thebloggerpicture says:

    Hey April. I like how you incorporated some stats and contextual elements about 4chan. I think linking your blog back to some of the material in the lecture this week, could have provided some depth to your content. Maybe something about the nature of memes, and the role that they play in distributed media in shaping propaganda – you could potentially delve into memetic warfare and its role in 21st century politics? Food for thought

    Liked by 1 person

  2. taterobinson says:

    Hey April,

    Really liked your blog post. Although I have seen plenty of posts that talk about 4chan and different aspects of its community but this is one of my favourites. I also really liked the Soundcloud, although I found it a little strange but began to enjoy it as I got used to it. Good sources as well, one of the few blogs were I actually bother to follow them to read full articles.
    Here are just a few more of 4chan’s achievements, good and bad, for you to have a look at (https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/10/the-best-and-worst-things-4chan-gave-the-world/).

    Thanks again for giving me such a great read and keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ashleightblake says:

    Hi April, I enjoyed your blog post this week I have read a lot on 4chan but I believe yours stands out. You have backed your information with some good examples and quality sources, the images relate in with the text really well as well. The use of the examples ‘Meme’s’ shows you have incorporated some of the lecture content, however I think there is room to further elaborate on this topic and introduce meme warfare, as it plays a major role in today’s society and would be very relatable for most. The soundcloud element was unique and interactive. Looking at both sides, both positive and negatives, of 4chan opened my mind into the different opinions there are on the topic. Looking forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

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