The evolution of Remix Culture (artwork encouraging derivative works using previously constructed work to format new material) has just recently introduced the art form of GIFS to society. A GIF is constructed by the repetition of a 3 second clip which has been looped. This creates a very engaging visual which is predominately made to create some sort of humorous intention.

GIF created by me… Featuring my cat Tyler

The art of GIF making introduces originality through the ability to combine any previously made media work and create it into your own short clip. This form of remix is predominately recognised on Tumblr or Facebook, where a punch line is commonly placed beneath the GIF to articulate its objective.

‘Graphics Interchangeable Format’ abbreviated as ‘GIF’ constructs an absurd juxtaposition of a combination of visuals formulating a new meaning to previously made works. This relates the term ‘appropriation’ to GIFS through postmodernism intention of this form of Remix Culture.

GIFS range from remixed movie clips:

To humorous 3 second clips of elderly women clearly enjoying a green screen rollercoaster???

The following quote stated by Adam Pash reflects the exact intention behind a majority of GIFS made “It’s easier to be funny with a GIF than with your own words,”. With this in mind, GIFS are potentially used to portray a pun, or satirical meaning in a visually appealing manner. If not used in this way GIFS are often used as a form of art or to explain concepts in a simple way. The ideology of GIFS was produced due to the way society views the internet, and a GIFS ability to create reactions has just this manner. GIFS provide a visual analogy of a conversation and are an easy way to portray meaning. A minority of the internet incorporates GIFS in their webpages and the inclusion of this remix is a simple, yet effective way towards audience attraction.

GIFS will never fail to impress…


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  1. Alexander Mastronardi says:

    Hey April,
    This was an awesome post! it was great to read such a unique discussion of the remix culture topic, I like how original and well thought out your example of GIFs were. Check this article out if you haven’t already http://www.gnovisjournal.org/2015/02/25/remix-culture-the-reaction-gif/ it really goes further into what you’re saying about GIFs and remix culture, and I’m sure you would’ve covered the topic with as much detail as that article if you had an increased word limit. The only thing I recommend is to maybe consider centering the last 3 GIFs you used, as the first 2 looked great being centered and it sorta through me off once I noticed the last 3 were aligned to the left, but I do understand that sometimes WordPress definitely doesn’t play nice with that sort of thing. Great work 🙂
    – Alex

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  2. himynameismara says:

    Interesting how you related remix culture to gifs as a contemporary example! Especially as you used a good selection of gifs to carry out your argument. My only recommendation is that you hyperlink your sources directly in your text, not at the end in a reference list. It’s more useful to an online reader. Aside from that, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. miahrl says:

    Loved your interpretation of this weeks lecture! Using GIFs was a really unique idea! I love the visuals you used throughout, they were really relevant to the ideas you were presenting and helped further my understanding. Thought this blog would interest you if you wanted to further your reading as it goes into remixing culture and even more Gifs! https://medium.com/hello-thirteen23/hotline-bling-gifs-are-the-glue-that-holds-the-internet-together-4e2ad1d756ed Really enjoyed your post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nato645 says:

    I thought it was really interesting that you used gifs as an example of remix culture, in fact, it was quite refreshing and original. It may have been worth including examples of the initial problems of remix culture and/or copyright relating to gifs.
    Keep up the great work


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