Many question copyright’s existence in today’s society due to the various resources individuals have online for torrenting purposes.

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So with this in mind the question raised is

“Does Copyright do more harm than good?”

Many argue that companies these days are abusing copyright through their large audience participation. Companies such as Disney, Newscorp, Viacom, and Time Warner have successful paradigm of consolidation (content and channels), this assists their convergence flow and the importance of copyright to enclose the usage of the content they create.

Though shall not steal

Copyright refers to the ‘safeguard’ of content which allows a company to own the work they create, allowing no other creator to copy this. In the US the monopoly of Copyright exists for 70 years after the authors death. This is an enormous amount of time considering the life span plus the 70 extra years the copyright exists for.

Australian Copyright Laws:

Copyright in my eyes opposes against the existence of creativity by limiting a creator’s ability to use motivation to spark ideas. If copyright laws were depleted society would have a much more innovative atmosphere. This is due to the ability of inventors to have the freedom to process their ideas. There will come a day when every idea will be consumed by copyright.

What will we do then?

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  1. blogonwithbritt says:

    Hi April,
    After reading your post, ‘Safeguard against the ‘name’’, I began to reflect on my own thoughts in regards to whether or not copyright restricts one’s ability to develop new and unique materials. I agree with you in relation to the idea that if copyright laws were non – existent, there would be more room for creativity, thus allowing for a “much more innovative atmosphere”. In regards to your post, I loved your incorporation of multiple memes and gifs throughout the entirety of your blog post. They assist in clearly outlining what is being said and help to further enhance one’s understanding. One suggestion I have for future posts, would be to directly hyperlink sources within your writing. Personally, when I am reading a post I find it quite helpful when there are hyperlinks to sources at the end of the sentence/ paragraph. I often find myself wanting to read further into the argument/ topic that is being made and hyperlinks are very useful for this. Additionally, I would suggest mentioning a specific example of how companies, such as Disney, continue to use their power to extend copyright. The following source,, outlines “how copyright duration has changed close to each time Mickey Mouse is about to expire”. Overall, your post was very engaging and lead me to further consider if copyright provides “more harm than good”.

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