This may have been the most frequently sung movie quote from 2013.

The Disney movie ‘Frozen’ took over the cinemas in 2013 with this film but it wasn’t only the film that helped this, it was Disney’s extensive use of transmedia.

The term ‘Transmedia’ refers to any story exposed over a variety of platforms to deliver a variety of coordinative entertainment experiences for audiences to view.

So how has the ‘Frozen’ obsession contributed to transmedia.


Frozen has been recognised as the highest grossing animated film of all time. As well as this, the film has been documented with the label ‘the most Blu-ray sales and legal digital sales of any movie ever’. Many movie critiques may question this, however it is true. The film surprisingly has a fan base of all ages engaging those as young as 2 to those as old as 99!!!

In terms of ‘transmedia’ Disney has strategically relooked on the intellectual property rights associated with the film. This influential decision allows for ‘Frozen’s’ online presence to sky rocket on many media platforms, predominately including ‘YouTube’. YouTube now has content including many Frozen parodies, and fan made videos. Disney has reflected on these as a positive attribute to the film, and therefore allow for their publishment as it strengthens the audience response of the film.

The Frozen phenomenon has escalated to merchandise, apps, music videos, story books, and YouTube videos. Media commentator Andrew Leonard states that due to these transmedia sources Frozen has been recognised as such a highly-viewed film. The saturation of these epidemic transmedia sources has created sources outlining literacy, textual, and visual mediums appropriate for all ages. This means that Frozen satisfies its audiences, providing them with multiple medium dynamics contributing to the unfolding story being told.

Below is a little remix brought to you by yours truly…


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