In this statement, I am referring to three men 1ombxh.jpg
known as ‘Larry Page and Sergey Brin’ and ‘Steve Jobs’, who are recognised as the main contributors to competing companies Google and Apple.

The involvement these individuals have made towards media has pretty much distorted society through the concept of ‘owner empowerment’.

By this I mean the company’s products controlling everything we see, and use, on the devices they have formatted.

The convergence associated with brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM is quite meticulous. These brands permit solitary use with the ability to have complete control over the content produced on their databases.

Internet Explorer.jpeg

Just for the LOLS

The most empowering database is recognised as ‘Apple’. Unknowingly Apple has created an abundance of ‘closed’ devices providing users with a walled garden of apps. The funny thing is ‘Steve Jobs’ states

“We define everything that is on your phone… you don’t want your phone to be like your PC”.

This statement contradicts the empowerment Apple provides its users with. Apple users do not have the open ability to access and modify codes, making their devices blindly controlling.

This quote sums up societies delusion of company empowerment…

“Is the menu empowering for my original need, or are the choices actually a distraction?”


Google:IPhone maps

Gotta love Google Maps

Below is my Remediation outlining a primary source of Apple’s cheekiness…


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  1. jordieweb says:

    Hey April, I really like the structure and layout of your blog. How you keep it in small sections of writing and then insert a picture or meme. This really breaks up the info and makes your blog much more engaging. I like how you chose to talk about this weeks lecture and issue through the people of the industries discussed instead of just the industries themselves at first. It adds different and interesting information to the topic. It would be also good if you had some examples of the opposite view of this idea, other than just talking about the locked appliance of apple. This could just create contrast and give an idea of what else is out there. Also even if another example other than apple was added, this would help in understanding. Just some things to think about, but really good blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nato645 says:

    I loved your exploration of how apple and google “control the menu” and the choices of their users, I feel like you could’ve used with an example of the opposite, such as open source Android coding, or an ideal world where device are completely built by and for users, I thought that this video about the phonebloks concept (a completely open source phone idea) may give you a bit of insight in the other side:
    Keep up the great work


  3. miahrl says:

    Hey April,
    Your post was really intriguing! You took a completely different approach that I never would of thought of doing! I like how you chose to speak about not only these popular industries but the people involved. Your posts always have a great structure which is very entertaining and gets the information across. I agree with the other comments here that you could of created a strong discussion by presenting an opposite view of the idea but the depth in which you went into the Apple case study was really informative and a really great idea! Another amazing posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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