So this week I thought I would have a different approach to my blog post, so pretty much this is going to be my own explanation of how someone’s online presence can be manipulated or stolen by another individual. I am going to show this also through a YouTube video. So watch the video below for both a funky makeup tutorial as well as an audio explanation of the art of catfishing…

“To some degree, it’s a way of living out an enjoyable fantasy, but obviously, you’re just enjoying the idea. You’re not really doing it,” Saltz states.

This statement suggests the reasoning behind the mysterious individuals who are currently portraying their online self through the life of another.

Queen- Identity.jpeg

Your online self can be pretty much whoever you want. Therefore a shy, introverted individual may attempt to copy another’s identity by posting attractive pictures or written posts in the context of another’s persona.

Celebrities experience catfishing on the daily.

Take Bailee Madison for instance.IMG_9595

Bailee is an 18 year old actress who is active on media platforms including TwitterInstagram, and YouTube. When searching for Bailee on these platforms you are overwhelmed with hundreds of fan accounts however there are also the select few accounts with a decent amount of followers who are catfishes pretending to be her.

For example the account below is a catfish who is pretending to be Madison on twitter. This individual frequently posts tweets about Bailee’s life happenings and has a steady following of fans of Bailee herself who are all being tricked into false truths.

These days falling for this impersonation is profound as a variety of media platforms offer verification. Therefore seeing another account with no verification pretty clearly presents that it’s not the real celebrity, however some people still fall for this false presentation.

Bailee Madison’s ‘Betweeness Centrality’ is portrayed through her regular activity on these accounts. Nevertheless, the vulnerability shown by those who believe they are keeping updated with her life represents the gullibility social media can have through one’s presentational media paradigm.


Castillo, M., 2013. Why would someone create a fake online personality? CBS News. Available at: [Accessed May 16, 2017].


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  1. emilykatesmeatonblog says:

    The video you made was really well made, and had an interesting take on the use of makeup in creating an online persona. I like the way it wasn’t just the makeup, you voiced over the tutorial with information defining a catfish, and why people want to create an alternate persona online. The idea that fan pages takeover and impersonate celebrities on social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram is very interesting and apparent in the online world. Good post and examples!

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