Assessment 3-

Through my moving media project, I have obtained a contrast between adventure and tranquillity across the disparity of close and wide angle shots. Rather than presenting my past, I have chosen to approach this assessment with the intention of showcasing my most favoured pastimes as this is a genuine representation of my current self. The inclusion of both natural and industrial landscapes is highly symbolic of the balance of love I share towards being in both environments e.g. In my bedroom contrasting being at the beach.

I have chosen to overlay sounds to the film which are not in line however are representations of what is being projected e.g. Film of my cat with the audio of her purr and the clock ticking in the background. I believe this technique adds layers to the work as you are being presented with two sides of what is being revealed. The B-Roll included in my work is inspired by the work of โ€˜Jay Alvarezโ€™, incorporating a mixture ofย shots and angles to portray a deepened meaning of one idea. Jay has also encouraged me to include a variety of picturesque natural shots and familiarized me to the art of camera panning.


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