Lost at Maroubra

Emotional History: JRNL102

Emotion: Fear (Outcome of Joy)

In: “Remember that time…”

Out: “…I already lost my son (laughs).”

Duration: 2.00

Introduction: Imagine being welcomed into a new country with the fear of losing your son at a populated beach. This just so happened to my Nono, who obliviously lost my father at Maroubra beach just three days after migrating to Australia. Let’s just say my Nana wasn’t to impressed.




The approach I have adapted in my emotional history sound project reflects a humorous yet adventurous story capturing one of the many complications my father’s family encountered whilst migrating to Australia. This idea came about as I have formerly been reimbursed with a great ideal of stories spoken in both English, and Spanish by my Nana and Nono (my father’s parents). This short story highlights a comical situation embracing the journey of a young South American boy (my father), lost on the shores of a popular Sydney beach. The inclusion of my father’s parents in this audio allows the audience to grasp the situation with two different perspectives. These perspectives include, my over protective Nana, and tranquil and laid back Nono.

My experience in audio storytelling has allowed me to accumulate my own emotion behind the story. This is presented through my ability to insert ambient sounds and edit the audio soundtrack with my own intentions in relation to trimming the audio. The emotion captured in my audio story is considered ‘fear’, with an outcome of joy. The fear my Nono experienced in the split seconds after realising he had lost his son, is emphasised with appropriate sound effects in my audio e.g. rising volume of ambient music. I have combined this with my Nana’s commentary of her fearful feelings towards her son getting lost in a foreign country only three days after migrating, to heighten the situations panic. Comparably I have also incorporated comical sounds to portray the situation in a joyous way. This is to express that the outcome was positive and my Nana and Nono were very thankful of my father’s brightly coloured swimming costume.

My style towards this assessment has been produced with a comical sense. My intent of reflecting on the story with a comedic touch was done by using sound clips derived from television programs such as Looney Tones and Disney. These sounds have added depth to the audio story by allowing the listener to engage in the irrational adventure that my Nana and Nono experienced. This idea was originally stimulated by the audio story ‘A Very Lucky Wind’ by RadioLab[1]. RadioLab have produced a technical audio story explaining a miraculous story of fate with the use of comical ambient, and background sounds. Dr Siobhan McHugh refers to this audio story as ‘cinematic radio’ which is the outcome I attempted to achieve.

Inspiration of ambient sounds in my audio story was derived from Dr Siobhan McHugh as she acknowledges examples of ‘Sound Story’ sounds in relation to ‘Migration’ in Week four’s lecture. McHugh recognises: Airport actuality (flight announcements), Ship’s Horn (older migrants), Community events, Fragments of conversation/meals, Family members greeting, and BBQ/dancing (McHugh, 2017)[2] as forms of sound that can highlight migration in a story. After deciding my story idea, I considered the use of family members as an ambient sound, however went forward with using ambient sounds of community events e.g. chatter and waves crashing at Maroubra beach.

The inclusion of cuts between my Nana and Nono in the audio story has been used to present the story with two different perspectives. I have frequently cut in and out the two sides of the story to both add effect and material. The inclusion of many perspectives was inspired from the audio story ‘A Year Ago’ by Alice Mathews[3]. Her story incorporates a variety of people expressing their feelings of the story on her friend who sadly passed away. Alice cuts to and from the different voices and incorporates music as a predominant part of the audio which I embraced also.



Doug Maxwell, Cartoon Bank Heist . Youtube. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music.

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Kevin Macleod, Hammock Flight. Youtube . Available at: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music.


[1] Anon, A Very Lucky Wind. radiolab. Available at: http://www.radiolab.org/story/91686-a-very-lucky-wind/ [Accessed August 27, 2017].

[2] McHugh, S., 2017. Actuality and Voice- Migration (Sound Story). JRNL102 Week 4 Lecture .

[3] Mathews, A., Emotional History Task 1 JOUR215: A Year Ago. SoundCloud. Available at: https://soundcloud.com/alice3858960/emotional-history-task-1 [Accessed August 27, 2017].




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