Assessment 2- What’s Hidden

The Power of Dance

Many have a safe place which they consider a hideaway, escape, or a retreat (Thesaurus, 2017). My sister’s hideaway was ‘dance’. Jade experienced hardship in the peak of her teen years however could always turn back to dance to recuperate.

After years of intense dance classes Jade grew a passion for this pastime and was practicing around 20 hours a week on top of her school studies. This audio story acknowledges Jade’s idol and dance teacher throughout these years, ‘Angelique Barry’, as she counts in the dancers during a dance class. At the beginning of year 10 Jade began experiencing severe pains in her stomach. After a week off school she decided to see a doctor. Following no sign of improvement and a misdiagnosis made by the local GP my parents took my sister to the hospital. The hospitals tests resulted in my sister requiring a gastro specialist who made a diagnosis of lymphocytic gastritis. The specialist prescribed endone pain killers which were not appropriate for my sister to take considering her weight and age. This stemmed to seeing a naturopath who made Jade eat a Paleo diet and take an assortment of herbal medication to heal her gut lining. Subsequently after around 6 months of this lifestyle change she saw improvement in her health as the pain lessened.

Throughout the 16 months Jade continued dance lessons after disregarding the doctor’s orders. Jade specified that she could not feel the pain in her stomach whilst she danced and therefore she considered dance her ‘safe place’.

The concept of ‘What’s Hidden’ is conveyed within this audio story in a literal manner. Jade was puzzled with her health and the severe pain she experienced in her stomach was a ‘hidden’ diagnosis that took months to accumulate.

Within the audio story I gained inspiration by dance photographer David Hofmann named ‘Sharkcookie’. This American photographer captures mesmerising moments of dance which highlight form and the muscular body in beautiful outdoor environments. The clear tones used in the photographs of Jade dancing at the beach were inspired by images produced by Sharkcookie which I attempt to capture emotion through.

h (Hofmann, D 2009)hvbh(Hofmann, D 2009)

The audio story incorporates short video encouraged by the work of David Maurice Smith. Smith’s work ‘Living in the Shadows’ (Smith, D 2013) subtly incudes short lengths of film within the slideshow of images. This technique generates an innovative and engaging aesthetic by producing inner depth within the work. The dance clips metaphorically showcase the pain Jade experienced as she dances in a contemporary manner.

A lovely quote Jade stated whilst learning about her journey was “I believe a major part of my positivity in this whole situation was my dedication to dancing and it acted as a portal where I could forget about the hardships I was facing”. Through this quote, we can determine that the ‘hidden’ factor of Jades hardship was the pain she experienced the moment she began to dance, as it vanished.


 Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset
Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset


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