Many may think the 23rd of February is just a tedious and mediocre day which marks one of the final days of summer. However, the 23rd of February also marks my birthday, and just a week ago whilst organising for the family to come over for dinner I endured an assortment of research… on nothing less than flour.

Volunteering to make my own dessert for my birthday dinner might not have been the smartest idea.

Having a large family, I decided to not only bake cupcakes, but cookies as well. Nevertheless, these cookies had to be gluten free to suite my grandfather’s dietary requirements. I drove to the supermarket with a screenshot of a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found on Pinterest, and bought the ingredients I required to create the recipe. Once home I re read the recipe and got all the ingredients out on the kitchen bench. It was then that I realised it called for almond flour. Stupidly I thought I already had almond flour at home so I did not purchase it. I confused the almond flour with the ‘almond meal’ I had at home. What is the difference, Right?

Confused as to if I could substitute almond flour for the almond meal I hurried to google. I scanned through dozens of websites all claiming to be categorised as ‘healthy’ recipe domains. To begin with I was side tracked by a comparison between almond flour and white flour which was totally irrelevant to my research. There goes 5 minutes.

Down a rabbit hole I went as I eventually discovered that you can in fact substitute almond meal for almond flour. Many sites compared the two by texture. I was conflicted as to whether the cookies will become a lot denser by using the almond meal rather than the almond flour, as it has a much thicker consistency. So therefore, my research continued.

The result in the cookies was a success. They took 10 minutes to brown in the oven and none of my family commented on the consistency. So there you go; almond meal can be substituted for almond flour 🙂


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