Spotify making music easy

Who buys music on iTunes these days?

If answered yes please explain…

Flashback to the days buying music on iTunes was the only purchase you asked your parents to make. Followed by the convincing speech made to your parents to just let you use their card details one more time to purchase that one song everyone was obsessing over. This struggle has been destroyed by the helpful, yet, painful ‘Appstore’ making societies world a whole lot easier with the discovery of Spotify.

If you are yet to download Spotify from the Appstore on your android device please do. This game changing  app allows users to remotely source a variety of different songs on various devices. The free subscription entitles no payment, welcoming users to enjoy millions of songs.


If you have experience using Spotify you would know if you do not have a paid for Premium account you are constantly disturbed by 30 second advertisements which interrupt your jamming sessions. As well as these intrusive advertisements, users with a free subscription are limited to the amount of skips they can perform when choosing a song. Whilst some people ignore these limitations and just thrive off the opportunity to listen to free music, others struggle. When in the middle of an intense gym sesh, or road trippin with the girls these restrictions can become a nuisance.

After months of living with the struggle of ignoring these irrelevant ads and not coming to terms to pay for a membership, I realised that my dad has a Spotify Premium account. This epiphany led me to read over the terms and conditions grasping that a Premium account can be used on more than one device. There I was, running straight to my father’s arms and asking him for his account details, I was now a Spotify Premium member. Thanks Dad!!!.

Now living life to the fullest with my fabulous Spotify playlist custom made by yours truly, I complete my drives to campus, and intense gym sessions with ad free music.  What I discovered through this joint Premium membership was my father’s awesome taste in music. I have found myself listening to his playlists more than my own. Now I am a lover of George Michael, Brandy, and Notorious B.I.G.

I have linked my fav songs by these artist 🙂 

Here’s a little inside at what I listen to courtesy of my father’s taste in music 🙂

But in all honesty how time changes…

From scrolling through the iTunes top charts back in 2008 and purchasing your favourite tunes then syncing them to your iPod nano. To illegally downloading and streaming music in your rebellious High School senior years. Spotify is the greatest platform for free music even if it means listening to 30 second uber eats ads every 5 minutes.




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