.- / –. .-.. — -… .- .-.. / -. . .-. …- — ..- … / … -.– … – . –

Above states ‘A Global Nervous System’ written in Morse Code. Developed by Samuel Morse, ‘Morse Code’ is a code language using the Latin alphabet, and Arabic numerals. This code communication method is expressed via electronic pulses visualised as ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ (which represent letters).

Use this link to visualise your own message in Morse Code… http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/morse-code/

Although invented in the 1880’s, Morse Code is still put in practice today through landline telegraphs, and military radios.

Here is a look at Morse Code in today’s society… http://www.galleryofthelouvre.com/morse-code-today.html

This week Ted explained the evolution of the telegraph, expressing the integral dates which predisposed the overall development of the World Wide Web.


The remediation I have created expresses the fading nature of the telegraph due to the rapid growth of innovation within societies technological development. I aim to target those aged under 18 in this meme as a majority of those aged below 18 would be unaware of what a telegraph is, let alone the use of one.

This week I tweeted a link to an article published by New York Times

Miguel Helft exposes the fading nature of the telegraph back in 2006 as the Government deemed that use of the telegraph would become overruled by “ham radio, like voice, teletype and even video” (Helft, M 2006).

Reference List:

Helft, M 2006, ‘Morse Code: A Fading Signal’, New York Times, viewed 7 August, <https://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/27/business/27morse.html>



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